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Kings Day in the Netherlands

Mark the 27th of April in your agenda!  This is the day that the Netherlands transforms into a sea of orange colors and markets. Kings Day is the Dutch national holiday during which we basically celebrate the King’s birthday...read more 



 Breakfast Meetings with the Undutchables

                 Every spring Undutchables organizes a number of                                    breakfast meeting for our HR contacts. This year we had breakfast meetings in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Eindhoven...read more





Interview Tips (2)

When preparing for an interview there are quite a few points which   
        should be researched and prepared well in advance. This way it makes you seem more confident and therefore better suited for the job during the interview...read more





St. Patrick's Day

National  holidays are present in every country in the world. Numerous countries even have multiple national holidays that they celebrate     throughout the year. However, there are few national holidays that have crossed borders and are celebrated everywhere in the world like St Patrick’s day...read more                          



 Dutch lunch  

Have you been in that situation yet where you are sitting down for lunch with adult men who have lunch boxes from which they take out a sandwich with chocolate sprinkles and drink a glass of milk? Then you must have been having lunch with the Dutch... read more




   Carnival in the Netherlands

 It is that time of year again. The time of year when businesses and shops close, roads are closed off and when it is perfectly acceptable socially for grown men to get into the train dressed in bear and rabbit costumes...read more



                                                 Interview Tips (1)                                                                                                       

Does the thought of sitting across from an interviewer make you nervous? Do you hate the idea of having to ‘sell’ yourself? We have all been there. Everyone knows the feeling of being taken into the interview room with sweaty palms and a slightly higher heart rate than normal...read more



New Years Traditions 

There are countless New Years traditions across the world. This became even more evident during a conversation between some of the Undutchables staff as they discussed the difference in New Years traditions... read more





Christmas in the Netherlands 

  The December festivities are upon us and we hope you are as excited as we are. The Undutchables offices are alight with Christmas trees and lights. If you live in the Netherlands you will have noticed that the Christmas decoration extravaganza only really gets going after the 5th of December...read more





Undutchables in the city- The Hague 

In this weeks blog we want to share tips from our Recruiters on places to visit and things to do while in the Hague...read more 






HR Event    

On Tuesday the 22nd of November HR employees from all over the Netherlands gathered together at the Olympic Stadium for the annual HR event organized by Undutchables. This years location tied in perfectly with our sports theme: Going for Gold...read more




Meet the Recruiter- Karin Björkman 

Karin joined the Undutchables team in 2000 after having seen an Undutchables billboard at Schiphol. She contacted Undutchables and was sent on an interview with one of our clients. However, very soon afterwards an Undutchables office opened in Eindhoven and she was asked to join the new manager there as a recruiter. The rest they say is history...read more      




Undutchables in the City- Amsterdam  

If there was one city in the Netherlands that has been written about in travel blogs over and over again it is Amsterdam. There seems to be an endless list of new café’s, restaurants, shops and museum’s to write about and this blog will only add more places to the list...read more 








Writing a strong CV part 2

In Part 1 we have given you some tips about writing a strong CV already but we wanted to share a few extra tips with you...read more







 Pink Ribbon 

                   Last week  there was a special delivery at the Undutchables offices in the Netherlands. We all received a little box with sugar filled frosting topped cupcakes!  You might be wondering whether cupcake deliveries is a weekly occurrence at Undutchables, but that is not the case...read more




Dutch Empty Bike Syndrome  

The Netherlands is known for their cyclists. There are multiple blogs devoted to this on the internet yet it seems to be a topic that can be written about endlessly. It is one of the first things one hears from visitors when they arrive in the Netherlands for the first time...read more






Writing a good CV

 Creating a good CV is difficult, there are a lot of different ways to make a CV and it can be confusing to know which way is the best. Candidates will  often ask our Undutchables recruiters for advice on how to improve their CV. Although we have an extensive explanation on our website explaining how to create a good CV, we wanted to share a few extra tips with you...read more





Undutchables in the City  

Walk down any given street in the center of Utrecht on a Friday between 12:30 and 13:30 and you will most likely hear the latest pop song being played by the church bells. The Dom tower is the most famous landmark in Utrecht and the church bells offer a charming rendition of modern music on Fridays for passersby. However, there is more to this medieval city than meets the eye...read more





The Highlands, Haggis & Rain

On the morning of the 5th of February 2016, 28 Undutchables employees gathered at Schiphol airport. Everyone had their matching jackets on and their weekend bag packed, however only a few knew the destination of the trip. Until Ilse Visser, Undutchables co-founder, pulled out a plaid cap, put it on and announced we were all heading to Scotland to celebrate 20 years of Undutchables. After which 28 excited employees boarded a flight and started the weekend celebrations in the back of the plane...read more



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