Undutchables goes to Sweden

Undutchables goes to Sweden!

After 20 years of successful business in the Netherlands, we think it is time to go abroad. As we find it very important that our Undutchables’ culture and procedures will be used abroad, we only wanted an Undutchables employee with a strong connection to the chosen country to lead this foreign subsidiary. Undutchable Karin has lived in the Netherlands for more than a decade, and now, she and her husband have decided that it would be good for their children to also grow up in Sweden so they experience both cultures. According to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce ‘The region needs to attract more international talent’, which is one of the reasons why Undutchables is now entering the Swedish market. We will be assisting clients in Stockholm and Sweden compete within the global market. New chances for internationals will grow as Sweden is in need of highly skilled and international minded candidates. As of 1 January 2017, Karin Björkman will be working from Stockholm and will be happy to assist you in your search for the perfect match in Sweden! Curious about the story behind Karin, read our blog here.

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