Pension Scheme for Temporary Employees (phase A) 

New rules were drawn up on 1 January 1999 for temporary employees who have worked at least 26 weeks (six months) for the same agency. One of the new rules is that as of working week 26 you must participate in a pension fund for temporary workers. This is not optional.

To be able to participate in the pension scheme you have to be:

  • older than 21
  • a temporary employee for the same agency for at least 26 weeks.


If you participate in the pension scheme and you change recruitment agencies, you remain a participant in the pension scheme.

How does this procedure work?

As a temporary worker, you do not have to take any action. The agency will arrange your application for the pension fund.

The pension fund will keep you informed on a yearly basis about the amount of your pension saved on your personal savings account. These savings are the basis of your pension.

As soon as you reach the age of 65, you will receive these savings in the form of an old age pension (or, if you pass away before the age of 65, your eligible partner or children will receive a widow(er)’s pension).

The premium

The total premium is 2.6%, which is paid by the agency, not you. The agency pays a weekly premium to the pension fund based on the number of hours you have worked.

Undutchables, a member of the umbrella organisation for recruitment agencies (= ABU), is required to participate in this pension scheme.

The pension fund (StiPP) is responsible for the administration of pension savings.

Most important pension details:

If you change agencies and you already participate in the pension scheme, you remain a participant.

Even if you change your contract (from one employer to another) you will still participate in the pension scheme.

IMPORTANT NOTE: please be aware that not all agencies are members of the ABU and not all agencies have to participate in this pension scheme.

Your pension continues to earn interest a year after you have stopped working. The pension you have saved can be transferred to another pension fund – for example, if you find a permanent position with a company rather than with an agency.

Please find a short description in English here.

For more information:

Please call PVF Pensioenen at 020-607 4444 (working hours).

Or visit the StiPP website at

Or send a letter to:

p/a PVF Achmea
Postbus 9251
1006 AG Amsterdam

You can also ask your consultant for more information.

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