Travel expenses

If the company you work for reimburses travel expenses, please send us the original slips together with the Travel Reimbursement form and we will pay you back.

You need to have this form signed by your supervisor. Please post this form together with the original tickets/subscription to us. If the form has not been signed by the company, we cannot reimburse your travel expenses.

If you need a new one, please download the Travel Reimbursement form.

If you are using an OV-chip card, you can access your travel transactions after you have opened a My OV-chip card account:

My OV-chip card account.
After signing up for a My OV-chip card account, please activate the account within 48 hours. Once you click on the link in the confirmation email, your account will be activated. Then click on ‘Transaction overview’ and request access to this overview.

Do you already have a My OV-chip card account? Please log in and click on the ‘Transaction overview’ and request access to this overview. Once My OV-chip card receives your permission, your transactions will appear in the overview.


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