Citizen Service Number (BSN number)

If you intend to work in the Netherlands, you need to register at City Hall in the town or city where you are residing. You will need to make an appointment at City Hall to be issued with your Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer, BSN). This BSN is your personal tax identification number. It is required when you start working in order to register your taxes and social security contributions with the Dutch government. 

Instead of City Hall, you can obtain your BSN from the Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Administration). First make an appointment with the Dutch Tax Administration office in your area. The telephone number is: 0800-0543. 

Please note that having a BSN does not automatically mean that you are permitted to work in the Netherlands! You might still need a work permit as well. Click on the link for more information about work permits
Additional information can be found here.

It is also important to know that with the introduction of the Health Insurance Act in January 2006, family members of a foreign employee must have their own BSN, residence permit, and Dutch health insurance as well. For more information on why Dutch Health Insurance is mandatory, see: Health Insurance.

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